Hailing from various locales and diverse musical backgrounds, the six members of Typical Ghost converged in the mountains of Colorado, melding together jazz, funk, rock and pop influences into an amalgam of both thoughtful and head-bobbing, booty-shaking original music. Drawing inspiration from legends across genres, the band combines complex harmonies, bouncy grooves, and a propensity for improvisation to craft a sound that pays homage to their inspiration while pushing into new musical territory.

At the heart of Typical Ghost's sound is a commitment to delivering tight, compelling compositions, explored through a loose improvisational style. The band’s dual guitars flow over syncopated rhythms, harmonic layers of keys, and weaving bass lines, to create a sound both lush and joyful. Typical Ghost is an unexpected breeze on a hazy day; playful but heavy, mysterious yet familiar. Typical Ghost is the whisper in the trees, inviting you to listen, dance, sing along and embrace the freedom of a musical spirit that is anything but typical.